Myline Pluto Hot Tub With Audio - Rental

Myline Pluto Hot Tub With Audio - Rental

MyLine Pluto Hot Tub With Audio - RENTAL

Weekend Saver: Friday - Monday £450
One Week Rental: Friday - Friday £600

Prices Include easy access local deliver (20 miles radius), If delivery is 20+ miles please call us
on 01246 290463 for a delivery price

The PLUTO  spa offers plenty room for up to 5 bathers. It has two lounge beds, one with
™ solution. The PLUTO also includes myJETS™ for reliefing pain in shoulders and

Size (mm): 2000 x 2000 x 890


  • 3 Seats
  • 2 Recliners
  • 3 Headrests
  • 42 Jets
  • MyMusic Sound System with 4 speakers
  • Easy 4 control panel 
  • Thermo Cover with child locks included
  • mySEAT™ for man & woman
  • myJETS™ neck & shoulder massage jets
  • Step seat (third seat doubles as a access step)
  • PU reinforced antimicrobial acrylic shell material
  • 960L water volume
  • 1x3 HP 2 speed 230v/50Hz Hydro massage pump
  • 16 x 1 LED chromotherapy lighting 

MyMusic Sound System
Plays music wirelessly via a Bluetooth enabled smartphone or MP3 device (wired connection can
also be made with stereo RCA inputs). Control music directly from the Bluetooth enabled device
or with handheld or wired remote controls. As with all MYMUSIC waterproof or marine stereos
are designed and built to withstand the harsh conditions associated with use in spa applications.

Wellness and health
Take control of your personal wellness with your very own MyLine Spa. Tranquility for
the mind, body & spirit. Treat your senses to the delights of a home oasis, far from the 
stresses and strains of your hurly burly life.

Unique MyLine Spa benefits bring the ancient practice of water massage right up to the
present day - perfect for that all to rare slice of quality "me" time.

A MyLine hydro-massage gently warms and sooths with carefully positioned water jets
that easily adjust from a gentle caress to a full-on pummel. Relax, rejuvinate, and even
rehabilitate damaged, stressed or just plain old tired you.

Light my mood
MyLine Spas all come with built in colour therapy lighting as standard. Did you know that
colours affect our moods? The ancient art of Chromotherapy has been practiced since
early Egyptian times and now, our super bright led lighting technology had brought it
right into the 21st century.

Based on 4 colours it can be set to a particular colour, or gently fade through the entire
spectrum. Each individual colour will subtly influence our mood, so when used in
conjunction with the hydro-massage it forms part of the overall MyLine Spa wellness
program. The MyLine Spa moodlighting system is based on 4 colours, each are reputed
to help with particular conditions.

Blue - Relief of menstural cramps, function of throat and glands, heart rhythm, pulse
headache, toothache.
Green - Chronic insomnia, heart problems, upset mental state, skin irratations, high blood
Yellow - Digestion problems, weariness, depression, diabetes, flu, colds, chronic depression.
Red - State of depression, stress, rheumatism fever, constipation, asthmatic problems.

Strength & Beauty
The sculptured soft curves, deep seats, and stretch out legroom of a MyLine Spa are more than
just good ergonomics and style. The really clever stuff is hidden within the spa shell out of sight
where MyLine's industry leading technology adds exceptional safety, strength durability, and
longevity to every MyLine Spa sold. 

Microban® is an anti bacterial material used extensively in plastic kitchenware such as chopping
boards to guard against bacteria. It cannot be cleaned away and lasts for the life of the product,
and it's also used inside all MyLine Spa acrylic shells for the same reason.

Colour Me!
The colour on a MyLine Spa shell can never wear or fade as its actually part it the shell itself. An
occasional wipe over will restore its lustre and even scratches can be easily removed. Our 
exclusive and contemporary "Polar" colours will tone with any garden, whether contemporary
or traditional

Every MyLine Spa comes as standard with their award winning maintenance free cabinet. The 
simply stunning finish is impervious to environmental attack such ad ultra violet, rain, frost etc,
just and occasional wipe over will keep your MyLine Spa looking as good as new for years into
the future. The European chic of our Driftwood cabinet has been carefully selected to blend 
with and compliment any garden, whether contemporary or traditional.

Saving energy
Effective insulation is extremely important to keep running costs to a minimum. Our unique 
Myline Spa “Reflective Thermal Barrier” (RTB) insulation bounces waste heat back into the 
plumbing, whilst keeping out the colder outer air. We’ve even built this system into the spa’s 
cover to reflect rising heat back into the water. This integrated system means a Myline Spa 
is exceptionally economical to own. Many spa manufacturers still use discredited spray foam 
insulation whilst, a few even still mount the spa equipment, actually outside the spa cabinet. 
These old legacy systems are outdated and expensive to run plus they damage our environment.

Spa Housing
The floor pan is the foundation upon which we build our spas. The sides extend 100mm upwards 
to form a moisture and insect proof barrier. It is completely covered with our RTB insulation to 
prevent valuable waste heat being drawn out by the “cold sink effect” of damp ground. 

Special pillars support the spa shell and evenly distribute the bather load across our foundation 
spa base. These key components form the integrated build system of a Myline Spa and ensure 
exceptional longevity and durability for your investment in our brand.

new spa control panels make easy work of controlling all the functions in your Spa. 
A large screen displays the bathing temperature, and simple fingertip touch pads allow easy 
adjustment of all the spa’s features including temperature, jets, lighting etc. The controller 
systems for the spa and hottub industry are recognised as leaders for innovation, ease of use 
and reliability. Every spa model is equipped with a latest generation of solid state panels and 
controllers which have no moving parts to ensure our spas are super reliable, dependable and 
easy to operate.

The Myline Spa multi-stage filtering and conditioning system is designed to provide 
exceptionally high quality crystal clear bathing water. Our cartridge micro filter removes 
tiny particles that could cloud the water. We also include a high quality Ozonator for 
additional water quality. This device produces Ozone which when mixed with water is a 
powerful oxidant that helps to destroy bacteria, viruses, and algae that could be present 
in the water. In addition the microban antimicrobial material within the shell helps to shrug 
off contaminates and force them to be drawn into the filter.

The Myline Spa's are equipped with filter that provide cleaner water. It prevents the growth 
of bacteria, and thanks to our antibacterial acrylic you can relax in perfectly clean water. 
Inactivates harmful microbes particularly efficient, thereby increasing the life of your product. 
Filters provide fresh, clean and clear water in an efficient and environmentally friendly way.

Special seatings
No more sliding down the lounge bed because the footrest is too far away!
Our exclusive Myline Spa mySEAT™ lounge has subtle additional heal rests in just the right 
place so everyone is comfortable.

Designed in special downward facing neck and shoulder jets for the ultimate stress relief 
massage. Each contour of this intensive massage seat matches your body shape so that 
every one of the many jets provides a perfect hydro-massage experience. Each seat in a 
Myline Spa is equipped with a different jet arrangement so everybody can find their 
favourite. Using a Myline Spa is fun for everyone, but our designers also take the 
therapeutic benefits very seriously too. That’s why we’ve added some clever innovations 
to our massage jets.

These exclusive myHip™ jets are in just the right place to assist in breaking down body 
fats around the hips and toning the soft tissues. Their hydro-massage can also be beneficial 
in helping rehabilitation following hip injury or surgery.

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